Furniture Protections

Discount Direct doesn’t rely on third-party warranties to cover our products. We believe that since customers trust us to supply their furniture, then we should prove ourselves worthy of their trust by providing them with a robust warranty service of our own creation. To this end, we offer our customers two warranty options: a manufacturer warranty, and our personalized Direct Happiness Guarantee.

By offering our own warranty to customers, Discount Direct is able to increase the range of our guarantees  — for example, how our Direct Happiness Guarantee offers a 30-day window in which to exchange your purchase (something no one else in our industry does).

OPTION 1 - Manufacturer Warranty

Our basic warranty, which is included in your purchase, guarantees that our furniture and other products will be free from manufacturing defects for one (1) year from the date you picked it up or had it delivered to you.

If during that first year you encounter a defect that is covered by the manufacturer's warranty, then one of our repair technicians will evaluate the product. If our technician deems that the manufacturing defect is unrepairable, then we will replace the defective piece of merchandise (ONE TIME ONLY).

Discount Direct’s manufacturer’s warranty does not cover expenses beyond the item for item replacement. The customer will be billed for other fees, such as the cost of transportation, labor, and service technician visits.

OPTION 2 - Direct Happiness Guarantee

If you are looking for a more robust warranty for your furniture investment, Discount Direct offers our customers the Direct Happiness Guarantee!

This warranty goes beyond manufacturing defects, protecting your merchandise against a wide variety of accidental damage, including stains. Our Direct Happiness Guarantee also protects your products longer, guaranteeing you five (5) years of protection — ten (10) years of protection for our adjustable beds.

Another advantage of our Direct Happiness Guarantee is that we cover all the fees associated with service technician visits, labor, and transportation.

Lastly, when you add our Direct Happiness Guarantee to a purchase, you are given the opportunity to exchange your product for another if you are not happy with your original purchase. This one-time exchange must occur within the first 30 days after your purchase.

Direct Happiness Guarantee Service Plan Qualifications

5-Year Accident Protection Plan with a 30-day Reselection Option

  • To Qualify For Service Under This Plan You Must:
  • Act quickly. If you notice a problem with your product, you must call 425.656.2890 or email within fourteen (14) days of discovering the problem.
  • Submit proof of purchase. You will be asked for proof of purchase, this includes: proof of Direct Happiness Guarantee purchased, a copy of your sales receipt containing the covered items, their cost, and the purchase date. If you are unable to provide these proofs of purchase within thirty (30) days of Discount Direct Furniture & Mattress requesting them, then your claim will be voided.

  • When requested, you must provide Discount Direct with the sales order number on your receipt.

  • Do not submit service claims directly to the store where you purchased the item(s) as Discount Direct stores do not provide the Direct Happiness Guarantee. Instead, you must contact the phone number or email listed above.

Direct Happiness Guarantee Service Plan Details

Discount Direct Furniture & Mattress agrees to provide service to the original purchaser of the item(s) covered by this Direct Happiness Guarantee (DHG) for five (5) years from the date of delivery of the item(s).

If under the terms listed below, an item becomes stained or damaged during normal residential use and you cannot remove the stain or repair the item yourself following the recommended procedures, a professional technician will service the problem at no cost to you.

If the covered stain or damage cannot be resolved, Discount Direct Furniture & Mattress will, at its sole option, replace the affected portion or replace the complete item.

Replacement item(s) will be the same as or similar to the original item purchased, provided the price of the replacement does not exceed the original purchase price.

One-time replacement of the item(s) is the extent of Discount Direct Furniture & Mattress’ liability under this DHG. The replacement item(s) are not eligible for coverage under this DHG. Replacement of a part, a piece of furniture or a set of furniture ends DHG coverage on that part or piece(s). In the event of a partial replacement, any item(s) not replaced remain covered for the remaining term of the DHG.

Replacement parts or complete item(s) will be ordered from the vendor from which you originally purchased the item(s). If the vendor is not able to replace the item originally purchased or provide a satisfactory substitute item, you will be given a refund of the purchase price of this DHG in lieu of replacement and the DHG will terminate.

Discount Direct Furniture & Mattresses will ensure customers are completely satisfied with their new purchase. The DHG allows the customer a 30-day (ONE TIME ONLY) reselection option for a new product if not completely satisfied with their new items.

This includes furniture and mattress purchases. Customers must complete the reselect process within 30-days from the date items were originally received — no exceptions. All returned items must be in new condition, subject to inspection.